Admission to Hayfield

School Admission

All children at Hayfield have a statement of special educational need. The maximum number of pupils the school can currently accept is 120 however, the Local Authority make placement decisions based on the needs of each individual pupil.

Parents and carers are invited to make an informal visit to the school in order that an impression of the school, its philosophy and approaches might be gained before the final decision about a placement is made.

On entering the school parents are asked to complete an admissions form which includes requests for permission to have their child attended to in medical emergencies, take part in trips outside school, display any photographs taken of them in connection with the school and for their child to be seen by other professionals in the school, i.e. speech therapists, for assessment purposes, if necessary.

Parents may find the Wirral Local Authority's website on admissions for children with special educational needs helpful and you can link to the page here.