Our Curriculum

We teach Basic skills relating to English and Maths and as such hold the Basic Skills Quality Mark Award.  
Our Curriculum for all other subjects is topic based and cross-curricular in focus.  The structure of our curriculum for  2016-20119 can be viewed below


The school currently has eleven classes providing for children from age four to age eleven. Four of these are classes for children with moderate learning difficulties and additional needs, and seven are designated for children with communication difficulties. Pupils are statemented separately for each section of the school by the LA.

As children move through the school they are carefully and sensitively grouped depending on ability and developmental levels. Where possible, class sizes are kept to a maximum of twelve to fifteen in the classes for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties, and eight in the classes for pupils with Autism/Social Communication needs.

All children have an Individual Support Plan, which is reviewed and evaluated each term.

The children follow a, ‘broad and balanced curriculum’ including the National curriculum, adapted to their specialist needs.

The curriculum

Key stage one classes (age 4-7) concentrate primarily on language and communication, play skills, and the areas of the foundation curriculum, including: mathematics, literacy, science, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical development, personal and social education and creativity.

As they progress through to key stage two, subjects are taught through whole school topics.  Whilst there is an emphasis on communication and literacy, mathematics, personal, social & health education, the following subjects are all covered:

Computing Curriculum

Science                                                    Art

Geography                                               History

Physical Education                                   Geography

Music                                                       Drama

Religious Education                                  Design Technology

The school has been awarded the Government’s Basic Skills Quality Mark which ensures that basic literacy and numeracy skills are taught effectively.

Religious Education

Religious education is taught as a distinct subject and follows Wirral’s SACRE agreed syllabus.  In accordance with Government legislation it is in the main broadly Christian but will, “seek to ensure that it promotes respect, understanding and tolerance for those who adhere to different faiths”. (DfES Circular 3/89)  Parents may withdraw their children from Religious Education or elect to:

¨ Supervise them at home (or off school premises) while Religious education is taking place.

¨ Ask for them to be supervised by a member of staff in school.

¨ Ask the Headteacher to make informal parallel provisions for those of a different faith.

With regard to sex education, the staff and Governors of Hayfield  follow government policy, and provide it….”in such a manner as to encourage ……….pupils to have due regard to moral considerations and the values of family life.” 

Sex Education takes place as part of the PSHE curriculum which stands for  Personal, Social, Health and Emotional. Parents are invited to view and discuss the programme and its contents before the work takes place. Parents are free to withdraw their children from these classes but would be encouraged to discuss the matter with the Headteacher first.

 Our Curriculum follows the National Curriculum but is designed in such a way that it is bespoke to the needs of our children.  Should you require more information regarding our approach to Maths and English please read the dedicaed pages on our site for this