Policies & Documents

Our School Prospectus is available for you to download and read.  As well as telling you about the day-to-day life at Hayfield, the Prospectus contains the following information:


  • Admissions
  • Disability Statement
  • Equality Statement
  • SEN statement
  • Pastoral Care 
  • Discipline Statement

School policies and key information is available to download and read below.

  These include

  • Pupil Premium information
  • Behaviour Policy   
  • Complaints                                 
  • Sex Education Policy                                                     
  • Data Protection Policy                                                   
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Privacy Notice​  
  • PE Funding Report
  • Positive Handling Policy 
  • Supporting pupils with medical conditions Policy

If you would like any other information please do not hesitate to contact us.