Classes at Hayfield School 2023 - 2024

When your child joins Hayfield school they are put into a class that is named after a tree.  We do not use our school website to share class information, instead we use Class DoJo.  Every class uses this medium to keep parents informed of activites during the day and week.  Your child's class teacher will share with you, as a parent group, or individually, what the children are doing.  It is an excellent way of keeping you informed. 



We also use Class DoJo to report whole school events, upload letters and to message parents.  The resource is free and you will simply download the App to join the school. 

Meet  Our Class Teachers

Transition is extremely important, and we work hard to ensure that your child has the easiest transition into school.  Covid meant we had to be more creative in producing transition materials.  Below you can download and look at Transition booklets for the classes this year.  If you use a QR code reader you will be able to play welcome videos from our staff. 



Files to Download

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