Charging Policy

Apart from charges for use of our premises i.e. hire of the hall or field, we would normally make a charge for the following: - 

School Dinner - £2.30 per day for pupils (£11.50 per week). £2.76 per day for Staff

Milk - 17p per day 85p per week

After School Club - This is to be self-funding and is approximately £4 per session

Trips & visits        - Payment is not compulsory and should only cover the cost of the activity plus a nominal sum towards transport. No pupil should be excluded due to failure to pay. However, If sufficient revenue is not raised for a trip or visit it may be cancelled at the discretion of the Head Teacher.

Residential Visits -  Charges will be made for board and lodging costs - Parents who have difficulty meeting such costs may be assisted by the school. 

Full details of all these and other charges we may make are outlined in full in our charging policy and addendums which are available to download below.

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