Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Hayfield School, we work towards ‘Learning to Live and Love Life Together’.  Early childhood is the foundations on which children build the rest of their lives. We greatly value the importance of the EYFS curriculum and the importance it plays in future learning.  We seek to give our children the most opportunities that we can, to enable them to move forward, and be as successful as they can be, in the future. 


How is the EYFS Curriculum Taught?

The EYFS curriculum, is taught through our global curriculum ‘Learning Means the World’.  This curriculum supports the values and ethos we are committed to and is the conduit for teaching the subject knowledge, skills and understanding of the statutory seven areas of learning and development.  The Early Years follow the Explorers 1 curriculum.

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EYFS Long Term Plan 

Hayfield's EYFS long term plan is on a two year cycle. 

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Explores Pathway Skills 

As part of the EYFS curriculum the four C's (Communication, Conflict, Conservation and Culture) are themes that run throughtout the topics and are linked to a range of early learning skills.  These are a range of skills that are identified in the prime areas of the EYFS framework and are embedded throughtout our curriculum at Hayfield. 



For more information about the EYFS across specific subjects, please see individual pages. 

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