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Homework at Hayfield

Explorers 2, Pathfinders and Adventurers recieve one piece of maths homework each week. Each week it will relate to what the children have been learning in school, to build on skills and prior knowledge. The homework will be presented in different ways depending on the age of your child and it may be practical and through the form of an online game. 


Times Table Rockstarz

Each child has their own TT Rockstarz log in which they can bring home. TT Rockstarz is a brilliant programme for helping children to practice their times tables, daily, in a fun and engaging way. Each child will have their own rockstar character and with each times table test they complete they will recieve a number of coins. There coins can then be used to buy clothing or instruments for their character. 

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Purple Mash

Each child has their own log in to Purple Mash which they can bring home. Their class teacher can set them specific 'to do' tasks for their weekly homework, however, the children can also navigate their own way around, playing the different games. 

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1-Minute Maths

1-Minute Maths is an free app created by White Rose Maths to support pupils build greater number confience and fluency. It has five areas which your child can explore: subitising, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each area has a number of smaller steps to support your child further. Once your child has chosen a topic they will be asked a series of generated questions, which change each time the topic is chosen. If your child is struggling with any of the questions their is a hint button for further support. Once the minute is up your child will recieve instant feedback on how they have done.  

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